We improve your quality plan, data plan and business plan 
for the life sciences industry and the healthcare sector


Our QualityCapture team consists of experienced quality  management consultants who developed their hands-on experience and expertise over the past 15 years.

We can help you with a specific quality management request or we can offer a total, customized solution.

We are highly skilled in the area of medical devices, medical labs, healthcare services, CRO, pharma and biotech.

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Our DataCapture consultants have experience in modeling your digital strategy plan for life sciences.

We help you in making an inventory of data, to structure your data, to enhance your data and to transform these data into new insights and business models.

We are not the technical experts, we coach and catalyse the process. We can fall back on partners with the right technical skills.

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Our BusinessCapture team consists of experienced business consultants with strong knowledge of various life sciences fields.

Our team helps you to make a business plan that strengthens your competitive position in current or new markets, for current or new products.  

MindCapture strongly focuses on quality, digital and sales performance. This way, new routes to improved customer satisfaction can be explored.

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Quality management for life sciences industry, coached by MindCapture consultants.

Our QualityCapture team consists of experienced quality management (QM) consultants who developed their hands-on experience, expertise and knowledge over the past 15 years. We can help you with a specific quality management request or we can offer a total, customized solution. MindCapture's team is highly skilled in the area of medical devices, medical labs, healthcare services, CRO, pharma and biotech. 

Quality management for life sciences and healthcare

MindCapture can support you in setting up, improving or reorienting your Quality Management System (QMS). We initially perform an as-is analysis, make a gap analysis, followed by the set-up of a fit for purpose QMS. Our QualityCapture team includes each aspect needed to reach this, such as validation of software according to GAMP5 methodology, instruments, reagent control, methods and processes. Next, we focus on data integrity in compliance with international standards, guidelines, regulations or GxP, as well as document control, training and personnel, complaint and CAPA handling. We offer also risk management support. We go for the solution that best matches your needs, in alignment with the available time, budget and resources.

Our QualityCapture team has a deep knowledge of various tools that are needed to support your QMS such as document control and LI(M)S. MindCapture's approach is in line with an agile and stepwise project management methodology. We love to operate in a pragmatic and solution/result-driven way. As such, we offer a total solution, or zoom in on a specific item of the QMS.
On top of this, our QualityCapture consultants are highly experienced in performing internal and supplier audits. MindCapture is also available for giving customized trainings in the field of QMS for your employees. Finally, MindCapture helps you in defining and implementing the best (K)(P)Is.  

Quality management for lab, CRO, biotech and pharma

Quality management for medical devices


Digital strategy plan for the life sciences industry

Regardless whether you are driving a "business to business", "business to health care institute", "business to patient" or even a "business to consumer", the digital shift is happening.
If you look back at how your business has changed the last 10 years, just imagine the digital transformation of your business in the next years to come. We help you in projecting these changes, in foreseeing changing market landscapes, new competition and new substitutes coming on your playfield. Together we look to new channeling models and new income models in order to make a "data plan", a digital strategy plan for life sciences.

Digitalisation in life sciences

Digitalisation in life sciences

As consumers take an ever more prominent role in requesting personalised approaches, we see the same happening with patients.

Digitalisation is inevitable for life sciences companies, whether you are developing the personalised drug for the future, the personalised medical device or even the new healthcare service of the clinic of tomorrow. 

The patient is taking a center stage and life sciences companies need to react. They need to move from being a supplier of a single drug that fits for all, to creating individual patient-specific treatments, devices and services.

Also for biotech companies in non-medical fields, digitalisation is an important process to come to better cost efficiency, faster to market strategy and sustainable customer satisfaction.
A digital strategy plan along the entire value chain, is the only way for companies that consider personalisation by design, by manufacturing or by distribution, while still profiting from a sustainable scale of economy.

Digital disruption in life sciences industry

Conventional life sciences models are under pressure. The 21st century ecosystems in life sciences contain newcomers, such as technology driven, data owning giants that will change the way patients look to pharma companies, to biotech companies, to healthcare professionals or even to the medical devices that healthy consumers will use on a daily basis. Threats are there, but a multitude of opportunities are there to be grasped by the digital willing life sciences managers. The DataCapture team makes sure that you come to the table with enriched data when looking at your digital future and your new digital competitors. It might change your actual professional insights and habits. It's sometimes difficult to get with your team in that digital helicopter view, so call our DataCapture consultants to the rescue.

Data capture in life sciences industry

There is data,
useful and non useful
usable and unusable

There is
structured data

There is extended,
improved data
and new data

There is data turned
into new insights

There are insights
turned into new
products and services

Together with our DataCapture consultants, we focus on capturing the right data to fuel your life sciences digital transformation plan.

We see different kinds of data and processes:

  • Make an inventory of actual data, useful and non useful, usable and unusable, captured and non captured, known and unknown.
  • Structure the data and enhance the quality of data so that "useful" data become "usable" data.
  • Set up a strategy to create new useful and usable data: extended data, improved data and new data (formerly unknown).
  • Look at IOT tools and data mining processes as new fuel for your digital strategy plan. 
  • Turn captured data into new insights  by applying algorythms, data mining, bioinformatics and data statistics. 
  • These new insights will be the basis for product enhancement, better customer or patient experiences, higher patient engagement, better process efficiency, improvement of business decision making - in short, the basis for innovation in products and services.

This way you can take the lead in the digital transformation in your life sciences industry branch.

Digital strategy and bioinformatics

MindCapture offers bioinformaticians that can use the right computational biology methods and data science algorithms.
We can advise on partners to set up the right IT structure (www.staffyourtribe.com).

Digital strategy for life sciences for product development

At the intersection of cloud computing, data sciences, big data capturing and machine learning, new products and services come to existence. Do the exercise, coached by the DataCapture consultants.

Digital strategy supporting life sciences “go-to-market”

Through the coaching of DataCapture consultants, we match your current and future value propositions over the themes "mobile", "social" and "IoT" (Internet of Things), landing on an online channeling of new value propositions and business models.


Business development in life sciences industry

Which products or services to build for which market segment through which channels? Which profit and cost model ensure a sustainable business stream? Our BusinessCapture consultants collect the ideas out of the different company teams and customer panels in order to help you select key applications and key segments in order to transform them into actionable project plans. Once the project is scored as “potentially profitable”, you can start the “lean start up model”, accelerating your market entry.

Lean start up for life sciences industry

Agile product development in the life sciences industry emphasizes the early and continuous delivery of valuable products, driven by “in the field tested customer needs”. “Lean start up” product creation makes this possible by promoting the incremental release of a minimum viable product (MVP), which is a simple version of a product that is given to users in order to validate the key business assumptions. (reference Eric Ries)

MindCapture can help you in setting up an agile customer feedback loop.


  • Immersion in the context, technology, potential markets, applications and competition.
  • Understanding the pro's and con's of the technology: what is already mature, what is not.
  • We perform a thorough tech scouting to identify emerging life sciences technologies. 


  • Broad market analysis (validate market sizes and develop value proposition B-B and B-C). 
  • KOL interviews in different market segments in Benelux/EU.
  • Partnering models of the 21st century, based on PaaS and SaaS principles can be considered.

Select & project

  • Work out most promising value propositions, segmentation, targeting, positioning.
  • Map the value chain & eco system.
  • Select beach head market, based on customer need projection/ business model/profit model.

Confirm & pitch

  • Work out the business plan for the beach head market, and follow markets, through the lean start-up mechanism.
  • Validate unique value driver, finalize financial plan and pitch to stakeholders.

Learn rebuild re-select

  • Post market feedback is crucial as a basis for market testing and for  understanding non addressed needs.
  • The feedback of (potential) users is crucial in order to bring the right priority in further feature building, to maybe make proposals for a pivot, or even for re-shaping the product or service.
  • With an eye on cost efficiency, we can advise how to rebuild the product if needed.