Project manager anapath solutions

Ref. 20180704
Function: Correct finalisation of projects, supervising the new installation of the DaVinci software package and later also potentially other software packages.
Location: Belgium as well as some other countries depending on the project such as Switzerland, France to a smaller extent, Romania (maybe Germany).

The company:

Why this vacancy?

Improvement of customer support and increase the level of efficiency of project handling at MIPS, initially within the Anapath Solutions Team. Helping MIPS to grow internationally.

Job description:

The Project Manager is responsible for the correct finalisation of projects, supervising the new installation of the DaVinci software package, and later also potentially other software packages of the company such as GLIMS, Cyberlab, Cybertrack, or other.

You will also be involved in coordinating major upgrades within the labs that perform anapath analyses.

The following are the main result area: coordinating the project tasks according to the project plan, setting and maintaining the scope, keeping an eye on the budget, having a clear ambition to maintain and increase customer satisfaction. You will manage the product licenses.

You will take responsibility for the overall project deliverables, from kick-off meeting to monthly steering group meetings. You will host operational project meetings, and you will do risk analysis. You will prepare the go live momentum and enable the transfer of the work in to the support department of the company.

In order to understand the customer needs, it is good to be hands-on the DaVinci applications, for which you will first get a thorough training. This way you can take the role as an application consultant, giving advice to the user and helping to optimise the DaVinci configuration. You work in a team with software specialists, so you do not need to know all the details, but a helicopter view is certainly helpful.

You will be the single point of contact to the customer during the full project implementation.

You will work closely with the Team Leader Anapath Solutions, with Project Engineers and with the Sales Manager.

You will ensure that the team of project co-operators are well informed of the to do’s and that this team delivers within the agreed time frame.

You will prepare the needed project documents and you will do an active project monitoring. You will register the product licenses and you will make the license keys available for the proper installation. Within the project scope, you will give some customer trainings.

By doing this job, you will learn about existing and future customer desires. You might see some gaps or room for improvement on the existing products. With these insights, you will be able to do some recommendations to the to the R&D team of the company, allowing and accelerating adequate product and service improvements. This way, future installation efficiency can be increased, or we can aim for an even higher customer satisfaction

Your contribution to the team spirit is important, as well as your enthusiasm when building and maintaining customer relations.

Requested competences and skills:

Education required: bachelor or master

Experience is mainly situated in the field of project management and some knowledge on lab environment. IT affinity is also highly recommended. Experience in diagnostics is also considered as a plus.

Structured way of working, punctual, hands-on attitude, pro-active, assertive, strong communication skills, stress resistant, strong time management skills, result driven, accountable, able to convince people, customer empathic, capable of working in team, flexible. 

You are an enthusiast and you undertake action of a proactive way.

You are customer-focused, you are a solution-oriented person and you are hands on when needed.

You are highly motivated, and you can deliver results in stressed situations.

You are pro-active. 

You have an analytical capacity and you have people skills. 

You have good communication skills, you ae able to give a good presentation and you can give demonstrations of the product that lead to impact.

You are able to work independently and in team.


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