Total solution selling in medical lab setting, "professional service executive" for a market leader in clinical diagnostics

Ref. 20181009
Function: The professional services executive listens to the needs of the lab director, the medical director, the IT department and brings (sells) solutions.
Location: The Netherlands and/or Belgium

The company:

The company is a global leader in in vitro diagnostics and offers a broad range of innovative instrument systems and tests for hospitals, reference labs, blood banks and clinics. Their products offer automation, convenience, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. The company has helped transform the practice of medical diagnosis from an art to a science, helping to create the modern diagnostics industry through the company's commitment to improving patient care and lowering overall costs.

Job description:

The professional services executive brings solutions by working in a team at the customer's site and the company's site. He or she understands the evolving needs within a hospital setting, more specifically in a lab setting. Shortage on schooled lab personnel, higher cost pressure and more autonomous patients are some of the factors to consider when building the lab of the future. The professional service executive knows how to capture the needs of today and of tomorrow. He/she is people oriented, process oriented but above all, knows how to execute and to sell consultancy services. He or she will sell consulting service and IT engagements in clinical labs (hospitals and private labs) that enable health care providers (from public hospitals to private integrated delivery systems) to drive cost efficiencies, and operational productivity. He or she will improve the quality of patient care delivery. He or she will work closely with a larger sales team consisting of enterprise account sales, dedicated sales ambassadors, and technical specialists.

Main tasks:
- Analyse in team and present proposals that deliver better efficiency in diagnostics and IT processes.
- Build solutions that lead to client engagements through long term relation building.
- Be the trusted party for the hospital management and lab management for medium to large healthcare providers.
- Help to implement and oversee the quality of deliverables and effectively manage the team and day-to-day relationships to ensure exceptional performance; acts as a trusted advisor to the customer.
- Be knowledgeable about industry trends, changing market regulations and healthcare policy within defined customer segment.
- Understand the impact on customers and their key care-abouts.
- Identify and map the key stakeholders and decision-makers.
- Research target accounts to understand performance KPIs and customer strategies.
- Build and preserve customer relationships to drive driving new sales and protect base business.
- Negotiate contracts resulting in long-term commitments.
- Integrate insights from ongoing business analysis and assessment into a multi-year plan and lead through persuasion and personal influence an internal ‘selling’ team to develop an actionable account strategy with short-term tactics to achieve desired results.
- Coordinates appropriate resources to execute the strategic account plan including assigning roles; expectations; responsibilities and timelines; engages members of the team through ongoing communication; tactical planning and execution.
- Acts as internal advocate for the customer; cultivates internal relationships and leverages to drive business objectives.

Requested competences and skills:

Bachelor’s degree is required.

- Able to build solutions for the customer
- Able to sell solutions
- Minimum of 4 years experience selling services within a consultancy firm preferred.
- Professional services/consulting engagement sales within the healthcare environment is preferred.
- Some diagnostics experience preferred.
- Strong understanding on how technology drives value in healthcare preferred (see below not only value but systems, need to know the basics.
- Experience with building business on current accounts and creating new profitable accounts.
- Understands IT technology within hospital environment.


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