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CEO for a digital wellbeing and health startup:

Ref. 165 - CEOHS
Function: The objective of this position is to lead a startup that was founded 2 years ago by leading digital and life sciences innovators.
Location: The company basis is in Bruges and Ghent (remote working is possible)

The company:

Sitting is the new smoking: Onyva to the rescue. Onyva offers a digital SaaS- platform that results in: 

  • an overall company activity dashboard for employers;
  • a connecting platform allowing digital coaches to motivate and support the users (employees);
  • and an app that supports the users (employers) in initiating, optimizing and maintaining activity points through personalized movement, exercise and team gamification.

The SaaS platform offers services to business environments, including online digital coaching and group dynamics (gamification).
Onyva has already acquired tangible customers who use and pay for the product and services (employer paying) and this at some large and small accounts. The Onyva platform has been successfully integrated in corporate and SME environment.


So why is this the next healthcare innovation?

1) Onyva translates every activity to a universal score

Onyva developed a proprietary algorithm to translate any activity (registered based on heart rate or GPS signal) to a universal activity score called activity points
This allows us to go beyond ‘step counting’ and create challenges that are agnostic of the activity type.


2) Onyva offers a variety of features to design challenges

Challenges between different teams within a company.

  • Different branches within the company
  • Company sites at different geographical locations

Activity goals created for all employees in the company, where success depends on the contribution of each individual.

Challenges between different companies. 


3) Onyva takes into account your individual activity level when creating challenges

The activity level of the different employees within a company covers a very broad spectrum.

By measuring the activity level of each user, Onyva is capable of tailoring challenges to each individual user.

When users progressively become more active, challenges will be adapted accordingly.


4) Onyva provides a dashboard to monitor your company’s global activity

  • Visualize aggregated and anonymized activity data across users.
  • Track the impact of different initiatives on global activity levels
  • Manage users
  • Organize challenges


5) Onyva enables personal coaching of users through built-in coaching module

Professional coaches can support individual users in their efforts to increase their physical exercise.

Through the coaching module, coaches can communicate with individual users and provide feedback based on the users’ activity history.

Users can direct their questions directly to the company coach via the Onyva platform.

Job description:

The CEO will be crucial in obtaining further funding, enabling further customer acquisition and monitoring the product life cycle management and product development.

  • The CEO will explore, analyze and evaluate investment routes. The funding will allow to go for the next step in product development and commercialization, all coordinated by the CEO. Therefore, the CEO will contact the relevant investment networks in Flanders and beyond. He or she will perform strategic and relevant investment pitches/network.
  • She or he will develop and implement the business plan in order to increase sales and margin.
  • She or he will explore the different routes for further product development, addressing existing and upcoming needs. 
  • She or he will coordinate the IT development team by adhering to a strict budgeted development plan. 
  • He or she will attract the right coaching team, to develop them into a group of Onyva certified in platfrom coaches, by setting up a talent plan, a solid remuneration plan for freelancers  and a certification process. The efforts of the coaches will need to be validated by the market, within the app.
  • The CEO will investigate partnerships with companies, sick funds, private insurance companies, sport clubs, wellbeing organizations and even potential buy out partners as a potential leverage/exit strategy.
  • She or he needs to understand or will be willing to do a deep dive into the business development of B-B wellbeing, sport or exercise market, as well as understand the needs of companies now and in the future in fighting the sitting is the new smoking disease. Awareness campaigns, sensibilization efforts, conversion to contracts negotiated with HR, safety managers or general managers will be the daily business. She or he needs to have an interest or affinity in setting up good relationships with HR professionals, healthcare professionals, policy makers, investors, user groups, sport and or exercise sites.
  • Medical devices regulation can come into play, in view of further product development, or how to avoid it by having the right positioning.
  • Adherence with the right sense of urgency, understanding pitfalls proactively.

The first 3 to 6 months will mainly be spent on investment pitches and some low hanging fruit customer acquisition and product maintenance, by bootstrapping principle. Only part time efforts will be done and remuneration will boil down to a commission on the successes of the new customer deals. This spiced up with an outlook on shares when funding is a fact, becoming then a full time CEO taking the Onyva train to high speed, with a CEO remuneration on monthly basis, allowing a smooth transition into a stable and healthy company set up.

Requested competences and skills:

  • Master’s or bachelor in business administration, IT development sport or even scientific background
  • Proven experience in leading a company to success, in startup environment
  • Being keen on technology, wearables, mobile apps and community building. Knowledge of cloud-based applications and business development, Saas-technology
  • Experience in business development
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong network in B-B 
  • Willing to put your shoulders under this promising new venture, knowing the risks of a startup and hence willing to work on a non-full time regime during the first stage, focusing on getting the right amount of money in to take the next leap. Lead that next leap from the moment the money is in. Willingness to be partly reimbursed at start, through shares and or win/win on income of new customers.
  • Practical experience in company set up (having or willing to build a start-up mentality)
  • You are self-motivated, flexible, quick learner, analytic thinker and problem solver 
  • You easily understand the force of potential collaborations with different stakeholders.
  • You have a strong drive for results and mile stone achievements
  • Fluent in Dutch and English