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Senior bioprocess project manager

Ref. 174
Function: Manage a major industrial bioprocess (lactic acid production) project with an international and interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists.
Location: Kallo

The company:

The company commercializes a proprietary bioprocess for production of 100% recycled bioplastic utilizing organic waste as feedstock. Current market adoption of bioplastic is hindered by the costs associated with purchase of feedstock sugar derived from major crops. By utilizing waste as feedstock and as a revenue source, the company can significantly decrease production costs of bioplastics.

The company operates a molecular biology and fermentation lab with a team of experts in microbiology, strain engineering and bioprocess development. The team tests samples of municipal and industrial organic waste streams for rigorous validation of technological fit and tailors a unique solution for each waste stream according to its chemical makeup.

The company is a private company with an HR policy of equal opportunities and diversity, the company is supported by the Israel Oil & Gas Fund, Elah Fund and VLAIO.

Job description:

The selected candidate will join the company, an innovative company in the field of food waste upcycling.
The ideal candidate will have experience managing a bioprocess project (fermantation, organic acid production) from start to finish. This individual should also be an effective communicator with experience managing people.
The industrial bioprocess project requires a combination of approaches including fermentation, downstream processing and engineering.
The project will be coordinated with a leading waste management company, in a major scale waste management facility.
This senior level position offers a range of growth opportunities within the company, which is focused on making a major positive environmental impact on materials production, waste management and greenhouse gas emissions.

Your responsibilities:

  • Manage a major industrial bioprocess project with an international and interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists.
  • Lead and mentor junior equipment operators, providing training in processing techniques and hands-on supervision of production runs.
  • Project management – develop project schedule and work plan, manage equipment suppliers and other service providers
  • Work directly with the Company’s CTO and executive management team.

Requested competences and skills:

We are looking for a flexible and creative person, who is highly motivated to tackle industrial production challenges. 

We will consider candidates who meet the following qualifications:

  • Expertise in operation of fermentation production lines is a must.
  • Experience in organic acid production is particularly advantageous.
  • You hold at least a master’s degree (MSc) in Biotechnology or a related discipline in the field of biology engineering, with a strong interest in industrial fermentation
  • You possess suitable experience and skills to lead projects in the field of fermentation including upstream and downstream (cleaning and purification) of the product
  • You are creative, possess excellent organizational skills and have a cooperative attitude.
  • You are an excellent team-player, and enthusiastic to learn new technologies and work in an interdisciplinary team of biologists, chemists and engineers.
  • Very strong communication skills in Dutch and English are essential.


  • A position (located near Antwerp) with flexible working hours, which will include travel within Europe.
  • A full-time position for a minimum term of one year.
  • The date of appointment will be the 1st of April 2020 (up to late April).
  • Excellent employment terms.