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System engineer microfluidics - Cartridge

Ref. 178 - SEM
Function: He/she will lead the cartridge and microfluidics aspect of the technology in R&D phase up until transfer to manufacturing.
Location: Ghent

The company:

This company's technology makes it possible to detect protein markers at a consumer price-tag with the ease-of-use of a pregnancy test and with clinical lab performance. The system comprises of a small read-out device and disposable tests. The tests rely on antibody- antigen reactions on silicon photonics technology, combined with microfluidics.

Job description:

He/she will be responsible for leading the development of the cartridges for various human sample matrices: urine, blood, swab. These developments are being done in close collaboration with external parties. 


  • Manage the external projects on cartridge R&D.
  • Plan and organize cartridge experiments to generate data for development.
  • Set up characterization methodologies with a.o. fluorescence microscope, cell counting, flow condition determination (camera setup), image analysis,...
  • Follow up and coordinate the design or co-design of the microfluidic circuits with third parties.
  • Analyse impact of cartridge features such as quality of flow characteristics, flow speed & filling time.
  • Lead internal cartridge prototyping with techniques such as soft molding techniques (PDMS) and others.
  • Lead (internal/external) development on sample handling and sample pre-treatment steps.
  • Optimize the urine cartridge and guide the cartridge towards design for manufacturing 
  • Lead the development of cartridges processing other sample types such as blood, swab, saliva, stool, ... 
  • Analyse the biophysics of binding events on the sensor surface in a steady flow condition. 
  • Support data analysis of the sensor output through understanding of the biophysics at the sensor surface. 
  • Coordinate the development of the cartridge of the Antelope STD product and future other products in Design Control methodology.
  • Contribute in the design of the risk analysis (FMEA) and general risk management of the cartridge element of the Antelope products.
  • Requirement definition on the cartridge and its subsystems.
  • Specification definition on the cartridge and its subsystems.
  • Provide guidance on verification and validation activities to ensure that system functionality and performance is maintained.
  • Maintain system and sub-system documentation supporting creation of the Design History File.
  • Design in compliance with international standards and harmonized regulations for IVD applications.


Requested competences and skills:

Required education/training:

  • Master in Science/Engineering or PhD or equivalent by experience 
  • 2+ years of industry or research institute experience 
  • R&D experience in microfluidic systems 
  • You have affinity and desire to work in the lab and to do hands on work 
  • R&D experience in lab-on-chip devices
  • Knowledge of the injection molding fabrication methodology 
  • Knowledge in human sample handling techniques such as filtering 
  • Experienced with CAD software to draw or script microfluidic circuitry 
  • Ability to predict or simulate biophysics of binding events on a sensing surface in a flow cell 
  • Material knowhow of adhesives, plastics and other custom materials in the cartridge industry 
  • Working knowledge of a technical scripting language such MATLAB, R, Python, TCL etc. 
  • Practical knowledge of statistical techniques, methodologies and tools 

Following skills can be seen as an advantage:

  • Knowledge of quality and compliance standards for development of medical devices / IVD systems 
  • R&D experience in medical devices / diagnostics platforms is an advantage
  • Knowledge in manufacturing and upscaling 
  • Knowledge in biological detection systems 
  • Knowledge of surface sensing systems