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Senior lab technician with lab automation skills (COVID19 testing)

Ref. 180
Function: Prepare, execute and report standard experiments for COVID19 testing. Co-coordinate (the implementation) and handle an automated pipetting platform.
Location: Ghent area

The company:

Biogazelle offers genomic and transcriptomic services, performed in an ISO accredited lab, to support research, clinical trials and personalized medicine. Their customers rely on our expertise in RNA biomarker discovery, development and validation,  their pioneering role in liquid biopsies and non-coding RNA, and their experience with clinical trials to accelerate the development of their diagnostics and therapeutics. 

Now, Biogazelle has taken up the role of COVID19 testing reference lab, as part of the federal frame work consortium COVID19 testing, being one of the 5 federal testing labs in Belgium.

Therefore, Biogazelle is looking for senior lab technicians that can work on this project. Later on, the senior lab technician can also (potentially) take part in the R&D operations, building the service portfolio based on state-of-the-art technologies such as RNA sequencing, high-throughput qPCR and digital PCR, all combined with advanced data analysis methods. 

Job description:

  • You are responsible for the preparation and execution of standard experiments for COVID19 testing and the reporting of the results to the supervising project manager. You work in a non – biohazard lab zone.
  • You co-coordinate the implementation of an automated liquid (pipetting) platform. Therefore, you work on the software of the system (programming and writing scripts).
  • You operate the automated liquid (pipetting) platform. 
  • You are passionate to contribute and to be involved in saving lives through COVID19 testing. 
  • You are eager to further improvement dealing with this Corona crisis, by deploying your precise lab skills.
  • You are willing to work on a flexible manner, willing to work in shifts, willing to work during the weekends.
  • You discuss upfront the expectations and the setup of experiments with the supervising project manager. 
  • You plan all aspects of the execution of lab experiments, including the preparation of ELNs and the verification of the availability of lab equipment and the ordered reagents.
  • You execute wet-lab experiments according to applicable procedures, SOPs and ELNs.
  • You operate lab instruments according to instrument SOPs.
  • You work according to all safety guidelines and laboratory practices.
  • You perform primary data quality control as described in the SOP and you are vigilant for unexpected results from data inspection. Unexpected results will be clearly communicated to the project manager.
  • You annotate, pre-process and store experimental data according to the applicable procedures.
  • You report within agreed timelines to the project manager and you pro-actively communicate anticipated delays.
  • You will ensure proper record keeping during all aspects of your activities and you guarantee complete traceability by making adequate and timely registrations in, amongst others, ELNs, instrument logs and sample databases. You register proper conclusions and remarks in the ELN.
  • You contribute to maintaining the general order in the lab and you participate in proper waste management and cleaning rotation schedules. You respect the rules and procedures on the correct disposal of toxic and chemical waste, safeguarding at all times the biosafety in the lab.
  • You can be appointed as an instrument responsible, performing the allocated maintenance tasks and taking care of the contacts with the relevant supplier in case of needed repairs or the fulfillment of service contracts.
  • You will be co-responsible for the permanent auto-education and formation for the methods for which you are authorized. 
  • You can be appointed to supervise and guide students, temporary work resources and internal colleagues when requested by your supervisor.
  • You will actively and constructively contribute to lab meetings.
  • You contribute to group tasks and supports colleagues on a pro-active manner.
  • You pro-actively requests feedback from your supervisor and other colleagues in order to optimally perform your tasks.
  • You pursues the Biogazelle company values described in Biogazelle’s code of conduct.
  • You will actively contribute to maintaining all quality standards in order to safeguard the quality label ISO 17025. 
  • You are responsible for all the steps from sample reception to reporting of the results to the project manager.
  • You can be asked to support the project, quality or lab manager in the drafting and reviewing of SOPs, ELNs, procedures and reports.
  • You act with empathy and a sense of urgency in relation to customer needs and/or company goals.

Requested competences and skills:

  • Strong experience working in lab environment, good laboratory skills 
  • Good pipetting skills, good experience with multi-channel pipettes is very welcome 
  • Experience with setting up and operating automated lab systems is key
  • Good in MS Excel 
  • Experience working with LIMS 
  • Experience with automation projects in lab environment 
  • Experience with DNA or RNA extraction is very welcome 
  • Excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing 
  • Eager to learn 
  • Pro-active 
  • Critical 
  • Team player 
  • Accurate in experimental work and lab administration/recordkeeping 
  • Responsible 
  • Good people skills 
  • Work highly organized 
  • Good planner 
  • Coaching skills 
  • Flexible and multi-tasking 
  • Empathic and open-minded 
  • Basic troubleshooting skills