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Digital Selling Trainer life sciences & ICT market

Ref. 201DST
Function: You will be in charge of working out our digital selling program as well as take the lead in the business development of this program.
Location: remote

The company:

Next to our staffing services (Talent), MindCapture provides consultancy services (Content). One of these services, is our digital selling training to the life sciences, pharma and medical device markets. Through our sister company StaffYourTribe, we also cater for the IT market.

Improve the sales approach of your team by surfing on the digital wave with us. We include different communication channels, such as Microsoft (Teams, One Drive,…), Zoom, video platforms, LinkedIn and many more. This is done based on thorough analysis of several selling strategies in the context of digitalization. We connect with the business development and sales team to reach for higher return of investment.

Job description:

Why digital selling?

Digital interactions are the new normal. But, are they really?

  • Are sales reps having the same impact as before? Are they comfortable selling through the screen?
  • Can we improve team effectiveness through digital communication platforms? Are customers at ease, when doing videocalls?

These questions are valid and key in this digital era. Doing sales will never be the same from now on.
Digital brings a new dimension to sales strategies. To support the increasing demand for these trainings, we are looking for a digital sales trainer.

What will you be doing?
Before you go approach possible customers for our in-house developed digital sales course, you’ll help tweaking it to perfection. Afterwards, you’ll be the driving force giving the trainings and course modules with passion and self- confidence.

  • While reading this, you already envisioned some ideas to bring our digital sales course to the next level. As a true product manager, you know what people are looking for, you have an affinity with high-tech and sales. Last, but not least, you know how to combine both. With video tutorials, Zoom and Teams research, best practices visualization, you develop a training product that is bringing the right content, in the right format, with the right educational impact. Our training module consists out of four modules. Each module will be polished to the right audience with the help of your insights, while giving the course.
  • Once the course is better than you ever imagined, it’s time to sell it. Identifying new customers, pinpointing their needs and convincing them of the value for their organization. You can clearly show the return of investment, as in no time you’ve established a sales strategy adapted to digital (leading by example), mapping the key customers of our customer, through our proprietary developed “digital sales research” model. 
  • Now there’s only one more thing to do. That’s right, giving the trainings itself! Your goal is to help those customers sell smarter through digital platforms and solutions. You’re an entrepreneur and you teach with natural flair. 

What’s in it for you?
Are you ready to step a brand-new world filled with possibilities? 
You’ll be learning all about our team, our storytelling, our strategic tools and work-flows. Yes, we have a thing for strategy and focus. And remember, whenever you’re stuck, we’re here to help you figure it out. 

Long story short, you’re an entrepreneurial spirit ready to get responsibility and do something with it. You don’t mind figuring things out along the way, you’re creative yet you have a laser-sharp focus. You’ll help building a platform that has impact on several organisations and companies. And with that output, you’ll inspire sales teams on how to digitalise their daily work. Let’s disrupt together, through the digital era and take sales to the next level. 

Requested competences and skills:

What do you bring to the table:

•    You have a bachelor or master degree in communication, in pedagogy, IT, or in life sciences area, or related fields.
•    You have experience or a strong affinity in sales, preferably in an pharma-medical device or life sciences context.
•    You love to talk with entrepreneurs about their business and identify their needs, as to their digital sales approach and business processes.
•    Preferably, you know a thing or two about digital product development.
•    You strongly believe in technology and have affinity with digital things. 
•    You’re a natural when it comes down to giving presentations, demos and trainings in general.
•    You’ve got the X-factor and you have no problem talking to customers. But more importantly, your listening skills are on point.
•    Besides that, you’re fluent in Dutch (native level) and English (professional level). French is a strong asset.
•    You don’t need hands-on work experience for this position, as long as you can prove you’re a hard-working person with an ambitious mindset and a teaching mindset.
•    Communicative, optimistic and with an eye for business. 
•    Customer centricity and consultative attitude.
•    Eager to learn and proactive.
•    Know and understand the digital market, the needs and the network of entrepreneurs and customers in general. You have a genuine interest in the market and you want to help our them become pros in digital sales. 

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