Vision, mission, values and balanced score card

  • Vision-mission-value setting
  • Balanced score card set up
  • KPI dashboard
  • C-coaching

The balanced scorecard is a strategic management system used all over the globe to align business activities to the overall strategy and vision of the organization. Managing and measuring the performance from a financial, process, customer and employee perspective is vital for any organization that wants to thrive in its niche or industry. We can help you in defining the overall management dashboard.


Business modeling and ROI

Which products or services to build for which market segment through which channels? Which profit and cost model ensure a sustainable business stream? We collect the ideas out of the different company teams and customer panels in order to help you to select key applications and key segments in order to transform them into actionable project plans. Once the project is scored as “potentially profitable”, you can start the “lean start up model”, accelerating your market entry.

Get funded, find investors

Mapping business value against funding efforts. We offer a bird’s eye view on what you are doing, for who you are doing it and the challenges you are facing in your product development roadmap. This gives an unbiased view on your best options, to go for a grant submission or an investor’s pitch. Or maybe the co-creation route is the best option for you. We help you in determining the right “money raising route”.

Build your products and services: lean start up

Agile product development emphasizes the early and continuous delivery of valuable products, driven by “in the field tested customer needs”. 
“Lean start up” product creation makes this possible (reference Eric Ries) by promoting the incremental release of a minimum viable product (MVP), which is  a simple version of a product that is given to users in order to validate the key business assumptions.

We can help you in setting up an agile customer feedback loop.

Reach operational excellence
: QMS and HR policy

Operational excellence and customer empathy can only be a success if it is fully endorsed by the organisation’s DNA. That implies a human resources concept that is aligned to the KPI’s of the company. We help you setting up an appraisal concept that brings the best out of your team and individual employees in relation to achieving your company goals. We have established a motivating appraisal system, ideal for compliance with the QMS system. Our consultants have great experience in GXP and ISO certification processes. They can help you defining and implementing a quality management system by design.

Go to market: focus on digital transformation

We are fully triggered by and we are strong believers in 
the digital transformation and in the way that new technology 
can drive the wave of mass customisation. We explore together ways how to bring your products to the 
market, focusing on product innovation, customer intimacy or cost control.
We tap our insights out of following digital drivers:

  • Cloud computing
  • Machine learning
  • Data algorithms (big data)
  • Text mining, data mining
  • Low cost front end design

Execute on sales excellence

  • We assess the customer empathy score in different parts of your organisation (direct and indirect customer-facing staff)
  • We give trainings on customer empathy
  • We can give on the job training for (key) account managers
  • We can give advice on deal making
  • We can give advice on sales planning and KPI setting

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