We enrich your team with the right talents
for the life sciences and the health-thech industry

Talent recruitment
in life sciences and healthcare

Most staffing agencies go for volume and the “data base match”, often hardly having a life science operational background.

MindCapture recruitment specialists on the contrary, have a life science background, hence we better understand the job because we have done the job.
We screen candidates based on our network, our personal contacts and experience.

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Talent placement
in ​life sciences and healthcare

MindCapture works with candidates who want to grow, who want to leverage, who want to explore hidden talents.

We provide freelancers with specific expertise. We can outsource our own specialists, active in different angles in life sciences and health-tech.
We use a personalised and flexibel approach for contractor placement.


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Recruitment in life sciences

We use a personalised approach for employee recruitment.

Leveraged through the MindCapture extended data base, developed through more than  10 years of experience in people management in life sciences, our MindCapture recruitment specialists are your best contacts to come up with the best talents in the life sciences market in Europe.
They walk the extra mile by checking the “motivation to change” of the candidates, hence saving time for you, for the candidate and even for us. 

MindCapture works with candidates who want to grow, who want to leverage, who want to explore hidden talents.

Our way of working

1. Screening and finding
high fit candidates

2. Presenting of candidates
and follow-up

3. Final hiring
of the best candidate

Talent Placement in life sciences

More and more companies in life sciences and even in healthcare institutes consider to enrich their team with niche experts or with experienced managers for a specific time, project or try-out.
We work with our own employees, contractors and subcontractors to deliver on project-based assignments in life sciences.

We encourage the model of talent placement, as it also gives a lot of opportunities for your team set-up. This way you can benefit of the abundance of experience brought by our consultants for a time period of your desire.

Contracting resources in life sciences 

We want to understand the exact needs you have. Are you looking for a new management, a change in strategy? Are you looking for people who can help you in writing grants to obtain specific funding? Are you looking for R&D people who can help you in your research process? Are you looking for people who want to commercialise your products or services? Are you looking for sales excellence or deal makers?

We have lived ourselves all these questions and therefore we can advise on the right consultant or hiring approach.



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